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´╗┐The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in Singapore has increased from 1.9% in 1975 to 8.6% in 1992. The prevalence among Singaporeans aged 30 to 69 is 12%. Diabetes mellitus in Singapore is mainly of the non-insulin dependent type. Diabetes mellitus has been identified as a priority health program in the Singapore Government's National Health Agenda for the 1990s. The Ministry of Health appointed the National Diabetes Commission (NDC) as an expert panel to review and provide advice on measures to prevent and control diabetes in Singapore. The NDC, in consultation with a large number of physicians and health care professionals in Singapore and in reference to established guidelines from developed centres around the world, has drawn up the Singapore Practice Guidelines. These are mainly aimed Lacoste Polo Sizing at primary health physicians and members of the Diabetes Health Care Team who manage diabetics in Singapore. Specific issues in the diagnosis and management of non-insulin dependent diabetes, pregnancy, the elderly and insulin dependent diabetes in the young are addressed. The prevention and management of the acute and Lacoste Canada Polo Shirts chronic complications of diabetes are also included as these are important causes of morbidity among diabetics and contribute to increased health care costs. The role of the Diabetes Health Care Team comprising the physician, nurse educator and dietitian is considered to be central to good management of diabetes. Specific targets for control are set out.  

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